Missions Aviation - Program Overview

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The Missions Aviation Program is a four-year Bachelor of Science program that includes a Biblical Exposition major and a Missions Aviation major. The purpose of the missions aviation major is to prepare students to serve missions agencies that use aircraft in their ministries. The major is designed to build disciples of Jesus who will participate in God’s global mission, whether through fulltime Christian ministry or through other vocations. The courses of the major are integrated so that students can develop practical skills to share the gospel and to disciple new leaders in other cultures through effective cross-cultural communication, and enable students to earn a commercial pilot’s license with instrument rating.

Bachelor of Science - Required Courses - 135 Semester Hours
Biblical Exposition Major - 50 Semester Hours
General Studies - 39/40 Semester Hours
Missions Aviation Major

Courses Taken at MACU - 24 Semester Hours
Courses Taken at ECSU - 22 Semester Hours
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Program Includes:

  • Perspectives on the World Christian Movement
  • Historical Models of Christian Missions
  • Cultural Anthropologywhere_we_fly_small.jpg (225x141)px
  • Cross-Cultural Communication 
  • Missionary Life and Work
  • Strategies for World Evangelization
  • Aviation Safety
  • Private Pilot Ground & Flight
  • Cross Country Flight
  • Instrument Ground & Flight
  • Commercial Ground & Flight
  • Confined Area Operation
  • Internship