Youth and Family - Learning Outcomes

  Youth and Family
    Program Goals
    Learning Outcomes
    Career Options
    Program Overview
    Certificate in Family Life Education
    Christian Ministry
Students Completing the Youth and Family Ministry Major will:
  • demonstrate the ability to plan programming and regular training in family life skills;
  • assess global and local needs of today’s youth and their families;
  • develop programs that are sensitive to needs of the family, and include family programming;
  • develop professional skills useful for dealing with people;
  • develop skills to recruit and train volunteers;
  • refine interpersonal skills for positive relationships with volunteers and paid staff;
  • demonstrate godly character and professionalism;
  • demonstrate the ability to serve in a variety of leadership roles.
Students Completing the Certificate in Family Life Education will:
  • analyze the multifaceted needs of families in society;
  • identify points of potential conflict within the family and know how to apply conflict resolution skills;
  • distinguish the various stages of human development through the life cycle;
  • distinguish the various stages of human development through the life cycle;
  • appreciate the value of all people and learn to listen and observe individual needs;
  • explain the realities of financial responsibility in the family;
  • analyze various models for parenting;
  • explain current trends in family law;
  • Articulate a healthy code of ethics for ministry;
  • describe age appropriate teaching methods;
  • have practical abilities to advocate for families.