Senior Minister

First Christian Church of Grove

First Christian church Grove, Oklahoma has a position for a senior minister open. First Christian church is located in Northeast Oklahoma near to Grand Lake of the Cherokees. The city of Grove is located on one of the largest lakes (1300 miles of shoreline) in the area of the 4 states region of Northeast Oklahoma, Southeast Kansas, Southwest Missouri and Northwest Arkansas. First Christian church is an independent Christian church and has a history dating back 100 years. The church has two worship services, one traditional and one contemporary. Attendance runs between 250 and 300 for morning worship.
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Job Description

Senior Minister

First Christian Church of Grove

Education and Experience: Expected to be called by God with Christian Church ministry experience.

Function: The senior minister will be a man called to God's service. He will be responsible to preach the Gospel, and to minister to members of First Christian Church, as well as people of the local area. He will be a person whose spiritual gifts, talents, education, and experience suit him for the position of our Senior Minister.

Authority: He is directly accountable to the eldership of First Christian Church concerning matters of doctrine, ethical, and moral conduct of himself, our members, and staff of First Christian Church. He will be the team leader with a shared preaching responsibility and will provide guidance for all church programs and activities.

  1. He serves with the eldership board in providing direction, formulation of the vision, strategies, and ministry programs of this congregation that will promote spiritual growth of the current membership and will strive to increase the ministry of Christ.
  2. Preach, teach, and speak concerning the word of God at every opportunity to the congregation and to the local community.
  3. Perform services such as weddings, funerals, Bible studies, and counseling within guidelines established between himself and the elders.
  4. Coordinate all services of First Christian Church.
  5. Train and advise the members of First Christian Church for ministries (i.e., Sunday School Teachers, Bible Study Teachers, church visitation, and local ministries).
  1. He will oversee the administrative office staff and their functions.
  2. Oversee all salaried employees of the church and coordinate their activities.
  • Responsible for coordinating evangelistic programs and activities.
  • Responsible for coordinating all calling in areas of ministry and is to be assisted in this endeavor by the staff and Elders.
Public Relations
  • The minister shall involve himself in community and civic activities and will maintain a good relationship with area churches and the ministerial alliance.
  1. The minister shall report to the elder leadership of the church at regularly scheduled meetings concerning all church plans and activities.
  2. He will be a member of the First Christian Church Mission Committee.

*A job application will be sent to the applicant after resume is reviewed for background, experience and family situation.

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Grove, OK