Full Time Minister

Poplar Chapel Church of Christ



STATUS:  Full time


HOURS:  40 hrs per week or as required


BENEFITS & PAY:  To be determined depending on experience


General Purpose of Position:

To build disciples for Christ by developing and implementing a comprehensive approach to ministry (in the areas of group building, worship, discipleship, mission, and outreach) while serving as a spiritual leader and role model.


Organizational Relationship and Supervision:

The Minister reports to the Elders on the Church Board, for spiritual and ministry guidance.  The Elders provide an annual evaluation of the Minister’s performance.  The Minister will be responsible and subject to Poplar Chapel Church of Christ policy and Biblical doctrine.  Attendance at Board Meetings is required.


The Primary Task:

There shall be a comprehensive approach to the development and implementation of the ministry at Poplar Chapel in all ministry areas of the church.  This comprehensive approach is based on the understanding of the primary task of the ministry to:

                -love all people

                -encourage people in developing their relationship to God

                -provide them with opportunities for nurture and growth

                -challenge them to respond to God’s call to serve in their communities and world



-Be an advocate for people and educate the congregation about the hopes, and concerns and needs of the local church and community.

-Help plan, develop and implement all aspects of a balanced ministry in the areas of group building, worship, discipleship, mission, and outreach.

-Support and guide the work of the church in an annual process of evaluating the vision and goals of the church.

-Mentor the youth in developing their leadership skills.

-Be aware of resources for developing the ministry programming and participate in continuing education events and training opportunities.

-Recruit and train volunteers in all aspects of the ministry and ensure adequate volunteer support.

-Be a liaison between the church and other community organizations, people, and resources that relate to the ministry.

-Communicate in a timely manner and as effectively as possible using all available resources (email, website, bulletin, newsletter, bulletin board, etc.).  Ensure communication with church staff and leadership, parents, and the congregation as a whole.

-Make yourself available to the youth for counseling and encouragement as required.

-Work in concert with the gifts and talents of other members of the congregation and maintain a teamwork mentality.


Qualifications and Aptitudes:

                -Must embrace Christian discipline and Biblical foundations.

                -A bachelor’s degree in the Ministry or a related field is a minimum requirement

-Must have vision and a demonstrated ability to plan, develop, coordinate, manage and implement the ministry within the parameters of Poplar Chapel Church of Christ.

-Must have excellent written and verbal communication skills, conflict management skills, and computer skills.

-Must possess a proven ability to work effectively with diverse individuals and teams of volunteers.

For more information, contact:
William G. Hardison
(252) 792-4639

2590 Jerden Thicket Road
Jamesville, NC 27846