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Children’s Minister

Posted On: 03/24/2020

Job Title:          Children’s Minister

Reports to:      Senior Minister & Elders

Employment Status:   Full Time


Responsible for the spiritual development, teaching and training of our children:  Nursery thru 5th Grade. Create environments, activities and programming for each age group that will facilitate learning and encourage spiritual growth that aligns with the vision, direction and doctrine of the Christian Church of Manteno. Plan, develop and/or assist in the creative aspects of our church, including but not limited to: Church Wide Events, Video Promos, Social Media, Church Vision, Marketing, Web Site, etc.


Christian Church of Manteno
401 E Third St
Manteno, IL 60950

eMail to:

For more information, contact:
Douglas Davis
(815) 644-4863

401 E Third St
Manteno, IL 60950

Children’s Ministry Director:

Posted On: 04/23/2020

Job Description

Function:  The goal of the Children’s Ministry is to create and develop a family centered ministry, that leads children toward knowing Jesus Christ as their Savior.

The role of the Children’s Ministry is to help validate the importance of children both in and outside the family of God. As a result, the children, family, and volunteers, feel loved and welcomed at church, thus creating a safe environment for them to grow in their faith.


Responsibilities of the children’s Ministry Director:

The CMD is accountable to the current Elders, oversite from the Youth Minister and serves the church, (focusing on ages: birth through 5th grade) in the following areas:

  • Coordinating church-wide children’s activities and events, as well as events focusing on specific age groups.
  • Planning activities and events that provide the opportunity for community outreach.
  • Small Group Family Events
  • Small Group Coordination (To coincide with Adult Small Groups)
  • Manage, Research, and Overview Curriculum for Doctrinal Accuracy.
  • Execute “The Orange Mentality”
  • Weekly Updates for Parents and Providers. 
  • Maintain a database for Student contacts and attendance. Monthly follow-ups for no-show students/ parents. 
  • Recruiting Volunteers/ Class Leads.
  • Training Volunteers/ Class Leads.
  • Planning and implementing children’s worship services.
  • Providing opportunities for parents/caregivers to grow spiritually.
  • Provide opportunities for spiritual growth for volunteers.
  • Oversee Orange teachers.
  • Oversee Nursery/ volunteers.
  • Attend staff/board meetings.
  • Develop and Maintain Approved Budget
  • Other responsibilities, assigned by current elders

 Coordinating church-wide children’s activities and events:

The purpose of the activities and events planned should focus on the mission of the church; they should provide opportunities for growth and fellowship among members and children of members (both church-wide, and in age specific groups.)


Administration of preschool/daycare program

Responsible for administration of preschool/ daycare program to include staffing, staff reviews, calendar establishment, establishing and maintaining work procedures and policies,  financial oversight of program reporting to business administrator, and other duties as assigned. 


Planning activities and events that provide the opportunity for community outreach:

These activities and events should focus on building relationships within the community.


Recruiting volunteers:

The recruitment of volunteers is an ongoing, process. It is to be carried out as needed, to ensure a safe and functional environment for the Children of the congregation.


 Training Volunteers:

Volunteers should be trained according to their area of interest, before actively serving in the various positions associated with the children’s ministry.  All volunteers working with children (in any capacity) are to have a background screening, before they begin serving.


Planning and implementing children’s worship services:

This is to include choosing the curriculum, adapting the curriculum to fit the timeframe available, and the age of the children who will be attending.


Providing opportunities for parents/caregivers to grow spiritually:

We recognize the fact that parents/caregivers have the largest impact in their children’s lives, and as such it is their responsibility to provide the majority of spiritual growth for their children through everyday life. Providing a means for the parents to grow spiritually will enable them to more effectively lead by example.


Providing opportunities for spiritual growth for volunteers:

Volunteer schedules should be such that volunteers are able to attend classes or worship services as desired, to ensure their continued spiritual growth, (As well as to prevent the volunteers from getting burned out.)


Oversee Orange teachers:

The CMD (with the input of the teachers, and approval from elders) will choose, and be responsible for ordering class curriculum; as well as ensure each class has the supplies needed for teaching.


Oversee Nursery/ volunteers:

The CMD is responsible for the cleanliness and function of the nurseries, and is also responsible for ensuring each nursery is adequately staffed each week.


Attend staff/board meetings:

As a full time staff member, the CMD is expected to be present for staff meetings, as well as board meetings, and any other meetings requested by the Leadership of the church.


 Other Responsibilities Assigned by Current Elders:

As with any ministry position, it is difficult to try to assume the many responsibilities that may arise, as situations change.  As it is the responsibility of the Elders to lead not only the congregation, but also the staff, it is left to their discretion, the assignment of other roles and responsibilities that may become a part of the role of the Children’s Ministry Director.


Starting Salary $30,000-$40,000 based on experience.  Benefits included.  Please email resume and other documents.  Call with questions. 

Mark Brann


Brian Belfield


For more information, contact:
Mark Brann
(804) 241-5608

4324 Richmond Rd
Warsaw, VA 22572

Children's Director

Posted On: 05/12/2020

Job Description: Children’s Director Hilliard Church of Christ Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity. 1 Timothy 4:12


The primary role of the Children’s director is to provide visionary leadership and oversight to the children’s ministry programing for birth through 5th grade. They will be responsible for the planning and programming that will enable our youth to grow into disciples of Jesus Christ. Of equal importance is to assist and empower parents/guardians in raising their children to a spiritual awareness and baptism.

JOB CLASSIFICATION This position is an exempt salaried Full Time position. (Full Time is defined by a minimum 40 hour work week)


They will work under the direction of the Elders and the Supervision of the Senior Minister and in cooperation with other ministerial staff and church staff.


● The ability to speak, read and write the English Language

● Must pass all pertinent Criminal, Financial and Sexual Misconduct testing as appropriate

● Active, energetic and in good physical and mental health to interact with the youth

● Ability to use basic computer software

● Effective listening and communication skills both orally and written to work collaboratively with all staff

● Must be able to speak clearly and effectively in front of a large group

● Willing to participate in general membership needs including but not limited to the children and their families as needed

● Weekly staff meeting attendance is required and monthly meeting with elders along with update in writing


● Study at Seminary or Christian University Degree is preferred but not required

● Prior job experience creating and managing children’s programming is preferred

● A deep-seated relationship with Jesus Christ

● Commitment to Biblical Principles and teachings both professionally and personally

● Passionate heart for children and their families

● Gifts of leadership, teaching and administration

● Enthusiasm and charisma in communication regarding biblical truths

● Commitment to excellence


● A leader who is a team player and a team builder by working with students, parents and adult volunteers

● Philosophy that parental involvement is key in training students to spiritual maturity

● If married: spouse must be fully supportive of the student ministry and the church

● This ministry is not 9-5. Ministry to children generally occurs in the evenings and weekends as their schedule permits

● Ministry to children may include events at the schools, at sporting events, plays, concerts and other local gatherings

● Desire to work together with staff in order to move all ministries of HCC in the same direction with the same vision and in unity believing that we are all a part of the body and must work in concert to the good of the kingdom. 


● Develop a comprehensive children’s ministry program that incorporates the vision of HCC and created enthusiasm among the children and church members while following biblical principles and leads kids toward spiritual Christ

● Administration of the children’s ministry includes: planing, organization, direction and coordination of the children’s activities to be aligned with other activities of the church

● Preparedness to assist and step in for other Ministerial staff as needed

● Develop children’s ministry goal around finances, facilities and administrative processes

● Assure proper care of facilities

● Foster open communication with the parents/guardians of program structure and goals

● Programing expectations include: Nursery and Children’s Programs for ○ Sunday morning worship ○ Wednesday evening lessons ○ Sunday evening fun activities ○ Outreach events ○ Specialized Baptism classes ○ Family Events ○ Summer Camp ○ Curriculum selection


● Continually build a team of adult volunteers who will build relationships with the students and assist with personal spiritual development

● Provide leadership training to both adult and student leaders/volunteers

● Provide multiple levels of formal and informal communication with the children, parents and volunteers may include face to face, email, group messaging, facebook etc..

● Be able and willing to counsel both children and parents as needed


● Evaluation and selection of teaching materials used in the children’s program

● Maintain a well planned, balanced program throughout the entire year even when on vacation or personal time off

● Pre-schedule activities and programing with timely notifications to our children and families

● Lead out the development of a budget to provide for ministry needs regarding programing, scholarships and capital needs

If interested in applying for this position please send your resume by email to: Hilliard Church of Christ, Danny Vanscoy at

For more information, contact:
Hilliard Church of Christ

4300 Avery Rd
Hilliard, OH 43026

Full Time Children’s Director

Posted On: 06/09/2020

Full Time Children’s Director Job Description Ministry Description: The children’s director is to provide leadership, development, and direction to children, volunteers, and parents to live genuinely for Christ and to connect to a better story for their lives. These efforts will involve serving as a key resource person and role model in leading, developing, and coordinating all activities involving children from birth through 5th grade. Supervisor/Accountability: Senior Minister

Competencies and Expectations:

• Embrace the mission, vision, and values of Avalon Church of Christ

• Be reliable, take initiative, and be self-motivated

• Good at multi-tasking and prioritizing projects

• Embrace and adapt to growth, change, innovation and creativity

• Use appropriate judgment in the areas of discretion, sensitivity and confidentiality

• Have a cooperative relationship with supervisors, coworkers, volunteers and parents.

• Maintain personal spiritual development through regular Bible reading, prayer and Christian fellowship.

Areas of Responsibility:

• Utilize Planning Center administrative software to handle administrative and organizational processes related to children’s ministry.

• Participation in staff meetings and other required staff events

• Participation in Elders’ meetings, as required

• Create, submit, and effectively manage children’s ministry annual budget

• Establish guidelines/policies for children’s ministry

• Provide vision, strategy, and development of all birth- 5th grade ministry environments

• Responsible for the oversight and leadership of Children’s ministries that include: nurseries, Children’s Church, Children’s Special Events, Vacation Bible School, etc.

• Review, purchase, and oversee the implementation of all curriculums for Sunday School, Children’s Church, and Children’s Special Events.

• Recruit, train, oversee, pray for and involve new children’s ministry volunteers.

• Provide regular appreciation to volunteers

• Develop and maintain safe, clean learning environments and storage facilities

• Responsible for check-in procedures and tracking weekly attendance

• Strive to build solid relationships with children by spending time with them in their homes, and/or attending various activities athletic events, concerts, etc.

• Communicate consistently with parents, providing tools needed for spiritual leadership.

• Coordinate with Student Minister to discuss ministry strategies and/or activities to promote a fluid transition from children to student programming

• Maintain relationships with Avalon’s community partners who work with children (i.e. College Park Elementary, American Heritage Girls).


Please submit all resumes to or 844 Woodstock Rd, Virginia Beach, VA 23464

For more information, contact:
(757) 420-5208

844 Woodstock Rd
Virginia Beach, VA 23464

Valley View Kids Pastor

Posted On: 06/15/2020

Valley View Christian Church
Edgewood, NM
Valley View Kids Pastor 

Lead Contact: Brandon Shaffer
Phone: 505.281.8373

Valley View Christian Church is a healthy and growing church helping people connect to Jesus and his way of life. Valley View is seeking a new Kids Pastor who will play a pivotal role in connecting Kids (Nursery – 5th Grade) to Jesus through a dynamic and relevant Valley View Kids Ministry.

Church Description:
Valley View Christian Church is located in Edgewood, NM, which is the hub of a group of semi-rural bedroom communities 20 miles east of Albuquerque called the East Mountains (population: 25,000). Valley View was started by Christian Church Starters of NM (now Church Starters) and Errol Stepp in 1986. In 2001, Errol Stepp transitioned into the role of Executive Director of Church Starters and Valley View hired, current Lead Pastor, Brandon Shaffer. Since 2001 the church has grown from averaging 115 to 750+ in 4 identical contemporary/modern Worship Gatherings each Sunday.

In the mission of connecting people to Jesus, Valley View is driven by 3 core values: Pursue, Connect and Partner. The desire for each person is to: Pursue God by attending a Worship Gathering weekly; Connect weekly with other people in a small group; and Partner with their time, abilities and resources.

In the last 6 months, Valley View moved away from promoting ‘values’ corporately to communicating 3 statements on a regular basis. (Values are insider stuff now and mean very little to members and guests.):
●      It’s okay to not be okay.
●      No one walks alone.
●      God’s not done.

The goal in focusing on these statements is to let people know that Jesus isn’t afraid of their mess, they have a community to walk with on their journey and that God isn’t going to leave them in their mess when they come to Jesus.

A key feature of Edgewood & the East Mountains is a unique diversity. Three counties (Santa Fe, Bernalillo & Torrance) have municipalities that make up the East Mountain community. Each county brings a different demographic. The diversity of the East Mountains is well represented within the church. Currently, people from 9 different communities in the area call Valley View home, including Albuquerque. As a result, there is diversity of age, socio-economic level, education and ethnicity (predominantly Caucasian and Hispanic). One comment people often make is that Valley View is not a church for just a certain type of person; it is a church for anyone.

Much of the draw to the church is relevant biblical teaching that transcends beyond Sunday mornings. Valley View also has healthy small group involvement and dynamic youth & children’s ministries. In addition to that, over the last 15 years the church has developed strong relationships with the area school systems, local governments and business community by serving in various ways in and to the community.

About the Valley View Kids Pastor Role:
Valley View is seeking a Kids Pastor to lead in a few key areas.
●      Develop and Lead a dynamic Kids Church Program during our Sunday Services.
●      Pastor the team that is currently in place.
●      Recruit and equip ministry partners to serve with the Valley View Kids Team.

Qualities that are desired in the Valley View Kids Pastor are:
●      An understanding of and passion for ‘Big C’ church. At Valley View we often talk about how every ministry must be passionate about the overall ministry of the church. An expectation for all staff is that “‘Big C’ church is more important than ‘little c’ church.”
●      Creativity
●      Drive/Self Starter
●      Team Oriented
●      Ability to connect with Kids and Adults on a personal level

Preferred Experience:
●      A bachelor’s degree in Ministry/Bible, hopefully with an emphasis in Children/Youth ministry
●      Experience working in a healthy and dynamic children’s ministry either in leadership or a staff role.

For more information, contact:
Brandon Shaffer
(505) 281-8373

170 ST Rd 344, NM-344
Edgewood, NM 87015