Ministry Positions

Office Manager/Church Secretary

Posted On: 05/15/14



The Rural Hall Church is seeking a new office manager to preferably begin work on Monday, June 9, 2014.


Position Title: Office Manager (Secretary)


Position Status: Part-time (20-25 hours per week)


Position Compensation: Competitive hourly pay


Position Reports To: Lead Minister routinely and the Elders as needed


Position Qualifications: Committed Christian.

Proficient in Microsoft Office programs Word and

PowerPoint and familiar with Excel and Publisher.

Confidentiality is a must.

Submit to and pass a background check.

Familiar with budgets and finances.

Preferably someone with office/business experience.

Preferably someone from outside RHCC.


Position Responsibilities: Primary responsibilities include (but are not limited

to) prepare weekly worship PowerPoint(s), weekly

bulletin(s), and monthly newsletter.

Pay all bills and reimbursements, record and file financial statements, and prepare monthly financial report for board meeting.

Communicate well with minister on a variety of issues including arranging meetings and visitation.


Standard office duties also required such as (but not limited to) monitoring phone, phone/email messages, and phone tree. Retrieve post office mail and distribute. Prepare sign-up sheets and other publications/announcements. Order office and church supplies as needed. Routinely print, make copies, file, and maintain various documents and other necessities.


*Contact us for more information or to send a resume.

Church Contact:  Wesley C. McCarter, Minister

                             (336) 969-5237


                             P.O. Box 146, Rural Hall, NC 27045

For more information, contact:
Wesley McCarter
(336) 969-5237

PO Box 146
Rural Hall, NC 27045

Creative Arts Minister

Posted On: 05/22/14


P.O. box 20189       

South Euclid OH 44121             


Velocity Christian Church

Job Description

Job Title:                              Creative Arts Minister

Reports To:                         Lead Pastor


Velocity is a growing five year old church plant that cares about our city and people far from God. We’re looking for a Creative person, ready to work hard and lead our worship team and creative arts ministry to the next level. The accepted applicant should also be ready to lead other teams connected to our Sunday morning experience. We also try to show one video every Sunday and the chosen applicant should have some knowledge of Final Cut, or be ready to learn how to shoot and edit video.


The Creative Arts Pastor will have some formal training for ministry, and some experience in a variety of ministries in a local church setting.  He/she will possess, or be developing the following:

 1) A team player; We need someone who will do whatever it takes to help make the church successful;

 2) HIGHLY relational.  This candidate must be willing to understand youth culture, specifically urban youth culture;

 3) A person of moral purity, that he/she would be “free from sexual immorality” of any kind;

 4) A person of integrity, and a demonstration of those character qualities that are represented by the list of the fruit of the Spirit in Galatians 5:22-23

 5) and a willingness to continue to grow in the development of such characteristics;

 6) A person who has a daily prayer and personal devotion time;

 7) A basic understanding of the nature and operation of Velocity Church;

 8) An understanding that lost students really matter to God and to us; and     

 9) A person whose goal is not to be “cool” but has a heart to serve and help people reconnect with God.


1)   The candidate will conduct himself/herself in such a way that his/her behavior, speech and attitudes represent a high standard of holiness;

2)   He/she will demonstrate a strong sense of loyalty to members of the church's leadership team, endeavoring to be cooperative in the carrying out of his/her ministry tasks;

3)   The candidate will keep the Lead Pastor apprised of his/her where-abouts at all times during those times he/she is considered to be "on duty";

4)   He/she will keep regular work hours which will include time for prayer and study. This schedule will be approved by the Lead Pastor, and determined according to the availability of hours in relation to other work responsibilities; 

5)   Keep careful records for all activities related to his/her ministry assignments; and

6)   Maintain faithful attendance and good work attitude at regularly scheduled worship services.


  • Provide and oversee areas of Creative Arts ministry at Velocity Church;
  • Lead the Sunday morning worship team;
  • Oversee and develop teams related to Sunday morning;
  • Work with our lead pastor to develop creative elements for our Sunday morning worship services.
  • Shoot and edit videos (or learn to) for our Sunday morning services;
  • Oversee our church website- including uploading podcasts;
  • Serve as a pastor to people in our church;
  • Do anything you are asked to do – even if you think it’s crazy;
  • Learn cutting edge creative ministry for our culture;
  • Do the impossible;
  • Plan BIG; and
  • Dream BIGGER.

For more information, contact:
David Thorne

PO Box 20189
South Euclid, OH 44121

Church Planting Residency Program

Posted On: 06/05/14

My name is Dale Spaulding and I’m with Passion for Planting at New Life Christian Church (a church planting church) in Chantilly, VA.  I wanted to let you know about our Church Planter Residency Program.  We are actively seeking candidates for our fall cohort that starts on September 16th and perhaps you have young men that could benefit from our program. 




Our ideal candidate is a man who is called by God to be a church planter but needs a little time and experience to get ready for the challenge.  Our 11 month program will get them ready.  Our program includes:



  • Academic work

  • Nuts & Bolts of Church Planting

  • Preparing key documents (Launch Plan, Marketing Plan, Fundraising Plan, Discipleship Plan, Legal Requirements, etc.)

  • Practical Ministry

  • Theology

  • Teaching and Preaching

  • Hands-on Embedded Ministry

  • Rotational Assignments to Regional Church Plants (Northern Virginia and Washington DC area)


Linked below is our Church Planter Residency webpage with the application process.   Please give me a call or email if you have any questions.  And please point guys in our direction that would benefit from our church planter residency.


Thanks so much and God bless you in your work at Mid-Atlantic!




Dale R. Spaulding
Passion for Planting
New Life Christian Church

For more information, contact:
Dale Spaulding
(703) 817-0601

Chantilly, VA