Mid-Atlantic Society

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The Mid-Atlantic Society is composed of individuals, churches, and organizations who believe in the mission of Mid-Atlantic Christian University and pledge to become partners with the University to impact the world by transforming ordinary people into extraordinary Christian leaders.  Society members are committed to advancing Mid-Atlantic through individual actions and financial support of $1,000($3 a day) or more annually. Proudly, Society members are taking the lead in providing the needed resources for future generations. The Mid-Atlantic Society is composed of alumni, parents, churches, businesses, foundations, and friends from across the years and across many miles.


  • Mid-Atlantic Society and other General Fund gifts help provide:
  1. Scholarships and financial aid for students: The general fund helps keep MACU affordable for students by bridging the gap between what students pay for tuition and the actual cost of a Mid-Atlantic education. So, essentially all students are on "scholarship" thanks to your gift to the MACU annual fund that keeps tuition costs down as much as possible!
  2. Top-notch staff and faculty members: Your gift to the general Fund also helps MACU to continue to be able to attract and retain quality faculty and staff members. One benefit of a smaller university is the relationship that is built between students and faculty and staff members as all those who call MACU "family" will confirm!
  3. Offsetting of Operational Costs: Gifts to the MACU Annual Fund also help offset operational costs, from water and electricity to books for the library, student activities and even campus renovations. Your gift just keeps on giving!